Self Hypnosis Ebook 1.0

Self Hypnosis Ebook 1.0


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This electronic book is a complete guide to self hypnosis techniques, autosuggestion and subliminal messaging techniques. In 3 chapters of this book you will find the complete information on techniques of self hypnosis, affirmations and subliminal messaging. This book was written by Evgheny Stivenson, professional psychologist, Ph. D., author of numerous books and articles related to psychology, personality testing, IQ and intelligence quotient, subliminal perception. This new eBook written by him is a complete guide on topics related to subconscious mind and self improvement with uisng of subliminal messages. If you feel that you need improvements in your mental state and in your everyday life- this book is for you. You can contact author of this book with any questions directly at his forum: homepage
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Systems: WinXP

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